Quarry Stories

Quarry Stories Website is dedicated to the appreciation of Mining and Construction equipment.  You will be able to view the machines in operation at various quarries, mines, and construction sites all over the country.  They are truly a sight to behold!  Each piece of equipment has an interesting story.  I will bring these stories to you with video clips of the machines working in all their glory. We will cover both old and new equipment. The older machines represent an era gone by.  The only documentation that remains of these models is a picture, or a sales brochure.  It is my passion to preserve the history of these fascinating machines and to share them with you!  So sit back and let’s enjoy the Quarry Stories Experience together. 

P.S.  If you have any comments, questions, stories, videos or new locations to visit please contact me. Thanks and Happy Viewing!....George Buck   Contact me


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